Social Media Marketing! Outsource and see results!

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Why should you consider outsourcing your marketing, online marketing & social media to a virtual assistant professional? You probably set up a business page, or start a group, and then they blast that page and group with lots of advertising about the products/services your company offers. By doing that, you’re applying old methods to a new environment. Needless to say, most of you will be disappointed with the strategy.

The public don’t like to be hard-sold, and we instinctively associate those tactics as being sales-y and pushy. You probably as a business owner will be confused, even upset with the poor results those marketing campaigns produce? Remember one principle: Social media has to start by being SOCIAL. So, when you create a business page or a group, start by connecting to people on a personal level. Drop your intention to sell them for the moment. In your first interactions with a new contact, don’t mention anything about your product or service. Instead, try to get to know the person as an individual. Try to find out what they like, what they are trying to accomplish, what they’re all about. Start connecting with people. Let me, Grace Ann start the process, let me start the social relationship with your customers and just sit back & see the results. Call me for a chat on + 353 (0)867779244 or email me anytime.